Organic Food Stores – Now Cheaper Than You May Expect

There are many benefits to eating organic foods over non-organic foods. In the past, ingredients from organic food stores have come across as being too over-priced, limited to the excessively rich or the “tree-hugger” types. Nowadays, organic food is receiving more positive attention, and due to the increase in demand and competition, prices are now becoming far more affordable. What makes organic food so much better than regular food you may ask? russian food store

1) Its natural – Many consumers tend to pick the brightest, largest peach over a smaller more natural sized peach. Studies have shown that non-organic foods can last much longer than organically grown foods-making them a more desirable option for store owners who do not have to worry about losses due to fruit or vegetables getting perished. This however has to make you wonder what is used to make this produce remain so ‘fresh’ for so long.

2) Antioxidants – These molecules are important to us as they help prevent ageing and illness such as cancer. It has been shown that organic foods contain a higher concentration of antioxidants than regular produce.

3) Beneficial to children – Some of the main concerns about regular produce are that they contain high levels of pesticides, harmful fertilizers and colorants. During the important growing process it is essential that children are exposed to as few amounts of harmful and artificial products as possible.

4) Better taste – Animals such as cows and sheep that have been reared according to an organic program have a better quality of meat, which is more flavorful and tenderer. This is because they live a healthy, natural life, free from artificial substances like growth hormones (products that speed up the growth process).

It is evident that there are more benefits to consuming organic products as opposed to regular products. Additionally, the prices of these products are now increasingly affordable and accessible to the general consumer.

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