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Yes, it is possible to make a living right out of your home betting on sports. Like any successful business, recipe, or other venture, you have to have key ingredients. One of the most important ingredients in sports wagering is PATIENCE. Without patience, you will fail. Let’s say for example you win big on a particular Saturday in college football. You wake up early Sunday morning and your first instinct is that you feel that you are on a roll, unbeatable, and feeling lucky for the NFL. You bet all of your profits on the NFL and lose. Raise your hand if that has happened to you? I thought so. The lesson here is quantity is not quality. If you play more plays then the odds are against you. The Las Vegas and all of the sports books know this fact that the public does not. 슈어맨

I am sure you searched the internet for a reputable sports service (handicapper) that offers hundreds of picks. Most handicappers have no shot of winning because they play right into the sport book’s hands. The reason is that the 110 to 100 rule is made for suckers that bet the board. Again, QUALITY is not QUALITY.

Another key ingredient is MONEY MANAGEMENT. Without money management, you will fail. The reason is, you will have winning streaks but you will also have losing streaks. Before a season starts, I already have a set amount of what I am going to put on a game. This is called a budget and you have to stick with a budget. If you budget your money, you can wager on almost every sport all year long. This is one of the reasons I can make a living on sports wagering. I do it year round primarily on the NFL, MLB, NBA and college football and college basketball. One thing I can tell you is that time flies and the next thing you know it is football season, basketball season, etc.

This brings us to the third key ingredient – DISCIPLINE. I make a living on sports wagering and I am a professional. You have to be disciplined enough to stay away from teasers, parlays and other sucker bets that the sports books want you to bet. It can be difficult to win one game let alone three to win a parlay.

PATIENCE, MONEY MANAGEMENT AND DISCIPLINE. If you combine these three key ingredients for sports betting, you will be a consistent winner.


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